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Let’s Re-Open The 
Navarre Pass

The Navarre Pohlmann Pass Commitee

Chuck Pohlmann


My name is Chuck Pohlmann; I am the Chairman of the newly formed Navarre Pohlmann Pass Committee (NPPC). Many of you may be aware that there has been a group of citizens that meet regularly who have long supported re-opening the Navarre Pass. I am pleased to inform you that recently in August, we have registered with the State of Florida as an official Political Action Committee (PAC), our name is the Navarre Pohlmann Pass Committee (NPPC). 

After much dialog and deliberation we decided to take a different azimuth on this issue then we have in the past, a more deliberate approach. As always our mission is the same; to re-open the Navarre Pass where it was formerly cut in 1965. The first step in realizing this goal is to collect donations/ grants that we can use to fund such expenses as: Feasibility/ environmental studies, political strategists, mail outs, and web-sites. These items are critical if we are to proceed.

We are a mixed group of fathers, mothers, business owners, realtors, developers, teachers, retired military etc. but we are all supportive citizens of Santa Rosa County first. Our devotion to this issue can be explained in various ways depending on whom you ask. Our common motives are: recreational opportunities, ecological conservancy, and economical potential. We feel strongly about these issues and feel that their synergy can help successfully guide Santa Rosa County out of the shadows of our eastern and western neighbors.

Paul Lombardo


My name is Paul Lombardo and I am the treasurer of the Navarre Pohlmann Pass Committee. I have received countless emails in the last 6 months from people all over our area and even some snowbirds asking how they can help support re-opening the Navarre Pass. There are many ways to show your support for this issue. Of course, it is always helpful when people can donate funds to the effort but there are other ways then just financially to contribute. A major focus of ours is to unite the county on this issue. Our locally elected officials must know that the citizens of this county are “pro-pass” and that they do not support candidates who are not. Take a moment to write a letter to your commissioner or your state senator, let them know where you stand on the issue and tell them why. After all, it was us that voted them into office; shouldn’t there be some degree of obligation on their part to listen?

I was recently driving through Navarre and I wondered why it is that our neighboring counties can have sidewalks, curb and gutters, underground utilities, roadside landscaping, some semblance of civilized zoning and Navarre cannot. I believe that much of it has to do with our budget. In the early sixties our county officials knew what a cash cow the Navarre Pass could be for our area and they were willing to invest in that future. The possibility is still there to capitalize on that but it will take all of us to stand united and show our officials what we want. The Pass will never be a reality if the responsibility is left to a small committee to resolve. It must be a community effort and I believe that with your support we all stand to benefit from the pass in our lifetimes.

Our Purpose and Mission


The Navarre Pass can and must be built to complement our local environment. Building a pass that is environmentally friendly must be and is a large part of our mission.


A large percentage of Santa Rosa county citizens are boating enthusiasts. Currently, boat owners must use the Pensacola Pass or the East Pass in Destin to access the Gulf of Mexico.


Santa Rosa County is truly poised for greatness, but it will take local leaders who will not only envision it but who will implement it as well. An investment in the Pass is an investment in the future of our county.


We embrace the concerns of our opposition and look to them for answers to many questions. Together it is our hope that we can move forward with a project from which we all stand to benefit.

Our Supporters

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