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Matt Gaetz – Support the Navarre Pass

Supporters of Navarre Pass;
Our motivation and efforts to re-open the Navarre Pass are as strong today as they ever have been. The NPPC together with all of you who support the N.P. have made significant strides towards realizing our goal. For example; we have collected nearly $10,000.00 in donations that have helped finance our public education campaign, including things like billboards, brochures, bumper stickers and magnetic signs along with our website; With your support we were also able to participate in two of our local Mardi Gras parades where we handed out nearly 5000 brochures to our local citizens.
We have spoken with many of our local organizations and have taken part in different functions sponsored by our chamber of commerce. We feel like we have made positive steps which wouldn’t have been possible without your help. That being said, there are many obstacles still ahead of us.

An environmental study still remains our most immediate challenge. We have contacted a company in southern Florida who have already prepared and delivered a proposal and are standing by for our acceptance. The study will cost at least $50K and could possibly reach $100K depending on the length of time we need them to be involved. The status of our economy has placed an enormous handicap on the state’s and in-turn, our county’s budget along with the wallets and purses of all of us. As a result, progress to collect funds has stalled. We have not forgotten the promise of our county to help get involved if we can prove environmental and economic benefit but currently there are no funds to make a commitment to such a large expense.

Paul Lombardo, Phil Babiak and I recently met with Matt Gaetz, candidate for Florida State House, district 4. He is a locally grown and a Santa Rosa land owner who fully understands the dynamics that the Navarre Pass could influence. He has offered his full support in helping to massage the levels of government which are out of our reach but well within his. He is young, energetic and has new ideas for our area. He seems to share a common vision with the NPPC and all of you who have been patiently waiting for someone in our local government to want to help move the ball down the field.

We urge you to get familiar with Matt Gaetz at:

Mardi Gras Photo Gallery

Thanks to everyone involved with the Navarre Pass events.