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NPPC’s Purpose and Mission

I was reading an article about the Navarre Pass, which was published recently in one of our local papers.  As I read through, it became apparent to me that we (the NPPC) needed to publish our position on this issue in a clear, non-interpretive manner.  There is plenty of speculation out there about why we are pushing to re-open the pass, but most of it is just that, speculation.  We should make our purpose and mission known if for no other reason than to remind ourselves of our intentions through this effort. 

It is in our opinion, our greatest responsibility to provide in a timely manner; accurate and factual data to the public as we learn of it. 

The Navarre Pohlmann Pass Committee was organized officially as a Political Action Committee (PAC) in August of 2007.  It was the intent of the committee to raise funds to support a public awareness campaign for the Navarre Pass.  In January we launched our website and, with it, offered an opportunity for citizens to not only contribute to this effort but to stay informed as well.  Our main objective is to research and, in turn, educate those interested in the feasibility of re-opening the Navarre Pass.

It is the belief of this committee that a Pass in Navarre is the single greatest economic asset that Santa Rosa County could invest in.  It has been our mission from the start to balance economy with environment and demand no less from our county officials.  We are not a group of investors; we are a group of average citizens with a long-term vision of controlled, responsible growth for our county. 

It is this committee’s intent to exhaust every possible resource in an attempt to nurture new habitat for nesting shore birds, sea turtles, and other coastal flora and fauna.  We believe that with proper oversight we can combine the recreational benefits of a pass with the ecological benefits of new underwater habitat for reef fish.  Our ideas for adjacent dune restoration will assist in the natural rebuilding of a coastal commodity lost during the 2004 hurricane season.  Together with state universities, “Tampa Bay Watch,” and local enthusiasts, we will develop a plan to rehabilitate the bay scallop population in the waters of the Santa Rosa Sound. 

Our motives are environment, recreation and economy.  It is our hope that we can show a path to success on this project.  We embrace the concerns of our opposition and look to them for answers to many questions.  Together it is our hope that we can move forward with a project from which we all stand to benefit.

Navarre Pohlmann Pass Committee  

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